Swiss Zoo Serves Animals to Visitors

A Zurich zoo has been serving its residents in its restaurant

A Zurich wildlife park serves its extra animals in its restaurant.

When visiting a zoo, most people probably do not often think, “Boy, that animal looks delicious.” But on the off chance that one does, there’s a zoo in Zurich that has come under controversy for serving its resident animals at the zoo restaurant.

According to The Local, the Langenberg Wildlife Park just south of Zurich has a zoo restaurant where visitors can eat deer and wild boar that were born and raised in the park. At first the news sounded like an unfounded Internet rumor, but a spokesperson for the park confirmed it.

Spokesperson Martin Kilchenmann said the process was done ecologically and showed visitors the circle of life. Every year about 100 animals are born at the zoo, he explained, but they can’t all stay there. If animals can’t be placed at zoo facilities elsewhere, they are killed. Many wind up in the restaurant.

In 2012, 49 deer and 10 wild boar were “recycled” from the park’s exhibit into its restaurant, according to Kilchenmann. While some animal lovers have expressed shock and dismay at the news that the park was serving its residents on dinner plates, Kilchenmann maintains that most people don’t have a problem with it.


“The majority of our guests show goodwill and support our approach,” he said.