This Vegan Model Claims to Have Sworn Off Drinking Water: Here’s Why He Does It

Webcam model Peter Filak claims that he has completely taken liquids out of his diet, and believes he will live to age 150
Added bonus to the no-water diet: no sweating and fewer bathroom breaks.


Added bonus to the no-water diet: no sweating and fewer bathroom breaks.

We tend to think of water as the source of life and the baseline for a healthy lifestyle, but according to Peter Filak, it’s the source of health problems. Webcam model Peter Filak claims to have foresworn drinking water and all liquids of any form.

According to an interview in Vice’s food blog Munchies, his last sip of water was May 5, 2012 at 5 p.m. And that’s not all: Filak completely subsists on a raw food diet made up of mostly vegetables and fruits in their purest form, and believes he is the pinnacle of health. His goal is to live to be 150 or older, and he believes claims a liquid-free, pure diet will help him achieve that.

“Even when you’re filtering water, you’re taking out one chemical and putting in another ….the filtered water where chlorine and fluoride and all those other happy things are added to it,” he explains in a video on his website, More Apples a Day. “Especially as I went into a raw fruit and vegetable diet, I’d be waking up two to three times a night to pee. So it just didn’t make sense to me. I didn’t understand why I had to be drinking all that water.”


There’s more: Filak claims that he does not sweat, rarely goes to the bathroom, and that his body does not produce any odor. He believes that the idea of necessary hydration is a myth, and that humans can be addicted to water just as easily as they can be addicted to fast food or drugs.