The 12 Best Pie Shops in America

These are the best places to enjoy what just might be America’s favorite dessert
Cooking School: How to Make Pie Dough

The Daily Meal Cook Editor, Kristie Collado, shows you how to make pie dough.

From coast to coast, these twelve bakeries have the best pie in the country.

Pies are, without a doubt, one of America’s most beloved and iconic desserts. The saying “as American as apple pie” exists for a reason. Here are the 12 best places to get pie in the United States.

12 Best Pies in America (Slideshow)

To find America’s 12 best pie shops, we looked through our list of America’s 75 Best Bakeries and chose those that particularly excelled in pie-making. Then we consulted our more regional and season-specific lists, like Best Places for Key Lime Pie in the Florida Keys and 5 Best Pie-Buying Places for Thanksgiving, to fill out the list.

There’s one pie on this list that is actually three pies; this is not a riddle. To find where you can get a treat like this, keep reading. While some of these bakeries, like New York’s Pie Corps, specialize primarily in pie and even teach pie-making classes, others, like Manderfield’s Home Bakery in Fox Valley, Wisconsin, are famous for their doughnuts, but their fantastic pies are a well-kept secret.

There are great pies to be found all over America, from megacities like New York and San Francisco to a small town in Louisiana. There are some pretty great sweet pies to be enjoyed around the rest of the world, too.

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Additional reporting by Lauren Gordon.


This article was originally published on July 27, 2015.