Gabrielle Stabile 

Momofuku Is Coming to Chelsea: The New David Chang Restaurant Will Only Have 6 Tables

David Chang’s business partner applied for a liquor license in Chelsea, but few details are known

Gabrielle Stabile 

That’s what this city needs: more Momo.

It looks like New York is going to get another Momofuku iteration. Although few details are known at this time, David Chang’s business partner, Andrew Salmon, applied for a liquor license for a new Momofuku in Chelsea, according to DNA Info.The new restaurant will be located at 232 Eighth Avenue and 21st Street, and will only have six tables — with 68 seats — and a seven-person bar. It will be open until 11 p.m. on weekdays, and 1 a.m. on weekends.

A representative from the restaurant group said that the new restaurant is currently “in development,” and that Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar will also be coming to the area, according to Eater. At the community board meeting last night, the board members voted against the application. However, that will likely change if Chang agrees to bend on the current hours of operation. The Daily Meal has contacted Momofuku about this new development, and will update this story as more information is known.

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