9 Diet Tips From Around the World

Tweak your eating habits for the better with these suggestions from abroad
9 Diet Tips From Around the World

Many of these diet tips from around the world emphasize eating slowly as the key to weight loss.

As healthy foods of a particular region or country become popular all over the globe, so do the culinary customs of the people who eat them. We can only hope so, at least. There is a plethora of easy dietary habits we can adopt from people in different countries that will help us feel healthier and, ultimately, happier. Here are nine diet tips from around the world.

9 Diet Tips From Around the World (Slideshow)

For this list, we wanted to focus less on the various foods you can eat for weight loss and more on how you interact with the food you already have. For example, in Poland, the key to weight loss is cooking at home, rather than splurging on goji berries, chia seed smoothies, or other foods that are indeed very healthy but deceptively marketed as panaceas. Ideally, these diet tips are ones that, once you’ve adopted them, you won’t even realize are diet tips at all — such as adding a bit more walking or sleeping to your day.

Many of these diet tips emphasize eating slowly as the key to weight loss. You can do that in many ways, from eating spicier food to changing the color of your plates to eating food at a table without the company of an iPad or television. Most importantly, from a gourmand’s perspective, eating slowly lets you actually taste and appreciate the food. You’d be surprised how many overweight adults don’t follow these simple eating habits.

And can you blame them? Diets are often made to seem like complete lifestyle changes — they can be very overwhelming, and thus easy to give up on altogether. Various odd-seeming diets from around the world — from eating baby food to parasitic worms to just plain air — attest to this, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Start incorporating these simple diet tips from abroad into your lifestyle today.

Add Turmeric to Food (India)

Turmeric is a go-to for many health and beauty issues in India.

In India, not only is turmeric used as a face mask to enliven skin, but it is often a key ingredient in curries and other Indian foods, including tea or milk. According to fitness coach Ingrid Macher, turmeric increases the flow of bile in the stomach, which helps to break down fat. It naturally detoxifies the liver and helps control sugar levels.

Be Active Regularly (Finland, Norway, the Netherlands)

A sedentary life is not good for you.

While going to the gym is highly recommended, it is equally important to be regularly active. In other words, exercise does not need to be an event in your day; it can fit seamlessly in to your schedule without you even realizing it. In the Netherlands, that seamless weight-loss activity is biking. Even leisurely bike rides to and from dinner can help burn off some of what you eat. In Norway and Finland, outdoor activities are de rigueur, especially on Sundays, when families are more likely to go on walks and hikes as opposed to spending the day in front of the television. 

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