9 Celebrities Who Are More Obsessed with Food Than You Are

These celebrities are known for Instagramming every meal, eating out at the latest restaurants, and even releasing cookbooks
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Just because Eva Longoria is an A-lister doesn’t mean she can’t also be a star in the kitchen.

As much as we love to witness the glitz and glam of Hollywood by ogling the red carpet, or dreaming about our favorite A-lister’s jet-setting lifestyle, sometimes it’s a relief to hear about celebrities acting like normal human beings — like when the paparazzi catch them stepping out in sweats to walk the dog. One of our favorite ways to relate to celebrities is through their love of food. It’s easy nowadays, thanks to social media, to see exactly where Tom, Kim, and Leo like to dine out, or what they’re cooking for dinner.

9 Celebrities Who Are More Obsessed with Food Than You Are (Slideshow)

The Daily Meal has rounded up nine celebrities who go above and beyond the occasional pizza Instagram. They’re even more obsessed with food than you are. These famous food lovers blog about food, write cookbooks, gush about their diets (or complete lack thereof), and wax poetic about their love of pizza. One of the celebs who made the cake cut is Jim Gaffigan, who has based entire comedy routines on his obsession with eating.

All of this is to say, when you’re eating an entire bag of Cheetos and feeling totally guilty, take solace in the fact Jennifer Lawrence does, too.

Jessica Alba

Hollywood darling Jessica Alba is a staunch health food advocate. She has been an outspoken leader of the clean-eating, gluten-free brigade for years, and her 2013 book The Honest Life gives her candid opinions on topics like genetically modified organisms and farm-to-table dining. Plus, she once told The Daily Meal that if her kids took an interest in chicken nuggets, she’d give them a serious time out.

Aziz Ansari


It’s no secret that this Parks and Recreation star and comedian has a serious love of dining out. First of all, he’s dating a pretty talented chef, Courtney McBroom, who also happens to work for Ansari’s good friend, Momofuku’s David Chang. Last year, he even started a web series called Food Club with two other comedians that’s dedicated to “sailing the world to seek the ultimate bite.” Plus, he has a list of favorite restaurants in most cities that he hits on his comedy tours.