America’s Favorite Pizza Topping Is Pepperoni but We Can’t Make Up Our Minds About Mushrooms

A new survey from Harris Poll surveyed thousands of American adults to figure out what they prefer on their pizza

Pepperoni pizza: Sticking with the patriotic classics. 

Pizza may just be the most American food there is: After all, every day, 13 percent of Americans are chowing down on a slice or a pie. But what do we like to get on our pizza? You wouldn’t be surprised to know that pepperoni is our favorite way to top pizza of all time, according to a new survey from Harris Poll. According to the same poll, however, mushrooms are simultaneously the third most beloved and second most abhorred pizza topping of all time. Pepperoni is number six on the least favorite list.

Here’s the full list of most beloved and hated pizza toppings according to 2,193 adults… we’re guessing hot dogs weren’t a choice.


9. Peppers/ Sweet Peppers

8. Pineapple

7. Ham/Canadian Bacon

6. Bacon

5. Onions

4. Cheese/Plain

3. Mushroom

2. Sausage

1. Pepperoni

Least Favorite

10. Cheese/Plain

9. Meat

8. Sausage

7. Peppers/Sweet Peppers

6. Pepperoni

5. Olives

4. Onions

3. Pineapple

2. Mushrooms

1. Anchovies

The poll also confirms that Americans prefer New York-style pizza; Millennials are most likely to enjoy deep-dish, and Baby Boomers stick with the classic thin-crust pizza.


If all of this talk about pizza has made you hungry, you may want to grab a slice of pepperoni pizza and wash it down with a beer. After all,  almost 60 percent of Americans prefer to pair their pizza with beer.