Chocolate Cookie Milkshake


20 Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Desserts

From the classic to the super creative — chocolate chip cookies make the most simple and decadent desserts

Is there a single person in the world who can resist a perfect chocolate chip cookie? Golden, crisp edges, molten chocolate chips, and a gooey, barely cooked center all create the baked good heaven that is a chocolate chip cookie.

But why should we limit ourselves to only eating this ever-popular sweet treat in its most basic form? Those flavors and that texture is something we crave almost daily, so it’s high time we begin to incorporate chocolate chip cookies into more of our favorite desserts.

20 Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Desserts (Slideshow)

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day on Aug. 4 gives us the perfect excuse to eat as many chocolate chip cookies as we can, in as many variations as we wish. This day of baking and eating melting chocolate chips and raw cookie dough will certainly remind us of quite how much we love this simple dessert and, we imagine, will inspire us to bake everything chocolate chip cookie-related with a relentless determination for the next couple of months. So, to save you from repeatedly making your standard chocolate chip cookie recipe, we’ve come up with 20 ideas to help you eat your chocolate chip cookies in many different guises.

From a totally over the top chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake, to a grown-ups only chocolate chip cookie martini, to a chocolate chip cookie pizza perfect for every kid’s birthday, there is a wide range of desserts that can be made with our well-loved chocolate chip cookies. Make sure you don’t miss out on enjoying chocolate chip cookies in all these fabulous forms.

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