Easy Baked Doughnuts for Your Party

Consider having homemade doughnut treats at your next party
Baked Doughnuts

These sweet treats are the perfect party dessert!

Ask anyone who's ever had to attend an early morning meeting — the sheer presence of a doughnut brings elation. Fried, baked, glazed, or filled, to eat a doughnut is to experience joy. Too often, home entertainers forget how simple it is to make these treats themselves. Doughnuts make a perfect, customizable sweet that cannot only be a treat to the dessert table, they can make a cute take-home party favor. Set up the perfect DIY Doughnut Bar with these easy tips!

Start Simply

The key to a successful doughnut bar is starting with a simple baked doughnut recipe. This recipe is not only a quick way to bake delicious doughnuts, it pairs perfectly with a variety of toppings and glazes.

Mix It Up

A DIY bar is nothing without variety. Make sure you have a wide-reaching spread that will entice any taste buds. Silky Nutella spread, chocolate icing, and dipping glazes are all great to have out on display in bowls with spreaders so guests can treat themselves.

Top It Off


From sprinkles to ground-up crunchy candies, doughnuts can take on a lot of flavor. Be sure to have a variety of these available for your bar!