Here’s How to Turn a Snickers Bar Into a Shot Glass

The bloggers over at ‘Oh Bite It!’ have ingeniously discovered a way to turn a Snickers bar into a Bailey’s receptacle
So simple, yet so inventive, why didn’t we think of it?

Wikimedia Commons

So simple, yet so inventive, why didn’t we think of it?

If you think about it, there has never in history, been a method of improving the humble piece of chocolate perfection: The Snickers Bar. Until now.

Amy Erickson over at “Oh Bite It!” has ingeniously created a method of turning Snickers bars into shot glasses, transforming the humble peanut-y candy bar into a chocolate receptacle for Bailey’s.

It’s actually easier than it sounds: Simply take a Snickers bar, cut it in half, and push out some of the innards with a knife. It also might be necessary to carve the bottom end so that it sits on a table without toppling over. Then, you just fill the Snickers bar with your liquor of choice (particularly Bailey’s, although we presume a good whiskey would also get the job done).

Repeat as necessary and enjoy.


This isn’t the first time “Oh Bite It!” has created edible shot glasses: They have done the same thing with bacon and cinnamon rolls.