The Most Iconic Food From Every State

The Most Iconic Food From Every State

The United States of Food
The Most Iconic Food From Every State

Cherries are the signature product of Michigan; what food represents your state?

The United States is a country that loves to eat. Look at any of our major holidays or any party and that becomes immediately clear. But anyone who has traveled from sea to shining sea can tell you that what food is served across America varies greatly from state to state. And each and every state in the union has its very own iconic, signature food.

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A mainstay breakfast for a New Yorker will look different than what a Californian chooses to eat for their first meal, a dessert in Ohio will be different than one from Alabama, and the way that Washington residents drink their coffee is going to be quite different than how a Rhode Islander takes in their daily dose of caffeine.

To determine what is the most iconic food in every state, we looked at regional specialties and official state foods. When a state had neither, we considered the output and culture of that state. Delaware doesn’t have many actual ties to scrapple, but they sure do love the stuff.

What dish, drink, or food best represents the place you call home? Read on to find out the most iconic food in your state.