The 15 Weirdest Things Ever Found in Food

You might want to eat lunch BEFORE you read this

When we go out to eat at a restaurant or buy packaged food at a supermarket, we have a reasonable expectation that the only thing we’ll find in our food will be, well, food. Sadly, though, that isn’t always the case. Some poor, unfortunate souls have found some really off-putting stuff in their food over the past few years (including the unwitting consumers who had to get tested for rabies after finding a dead bat inside their prepackaged salad earlier this week), and we’ve tracked down the 15 most bizarre (and occasionally horrifying) examples.

The 15 Weirdest Things Ever Found in Food (Slideshow)

It’s always a good idea to thoroughly inspect the food you buy before you start to eat it. Food production is an exhausting and labor-intensive task, and some occasional errors are bound to be made. Sometimes it’s harmless, like when you ask for a small fries but accidentally get a large, but other times it can be downright traumatizing.

Dead Bat Found in Prepackaged Salad Prompts Massive Recall Woman Finds Human Thumb in Bowl of RamenWoman Finds Snake Head in Can of Green Beans

While most of these unexpected discoveries can be blamed on human error, others are unavoidable accidents, and others happened because maybe we depend too much on machines to do the work for us. Sadly, as consumers, we really have no idea how much of the food we eat is made, and occasionally things, shall we say, fall through the cracks. So the next time you buy a bagged salad, we suggest you take a close look at it first!