Woman Discovers Petrified Frog In Box Of Barilla Pasta

A woman in Minnesota reportedly discovered a petrified frog inside a box of tri-color penne pasta from Barilla — after she had already used some of the pasta. "I had used one-half of the box and put the other half in the cupboard, then my husband knocked it off the shelf," Minnesota resident Penny Hagen told Fox 9. "The pasta fell directly on the floor with the petrified frog."

Barilla has since opened an investigation into the incident, telling Fox 9, "Barilla is aware of the isolated report regarding a foreign element in a box of Barilla pasta. Once we received this report, we immediately took action to coordinate directly with the consumer and have connected via phone, email and mail. We have also retrieved the product in question to investigate any deviation from our manufacturing and packaging processes."

Hagen, however, remains unsatisfied with Barilla's response, including their offer to send coupons for her troubles. Hagen also told the station that she believed Barilla thought she might be making up the story, but Hagen insists, "My kitchen floor is very clean, and I would not have a petrified frog laying on it. I could eat off my kitchen floor."

Barilla maintains that the frog could not have entered the supply chain "while the product was under Barilla control."