Man Finds $20 Bill Inside McDonald’s Cheeseburger

And he’s lovin’ it

This McDonald’s meal paid for itself, and then some.

It’s not a golden ticket, but we’ll take it.

Dave Cook, a McDonald’s customer in Chesterfield County, Virginia, found a $20 bill in his cheeseburger. He recounts, “I was like what is this? A $20 bill in my cheeseburger!” quotes WTVR.

The money was sandwiched between two pieces of meat, and Cook discovered the extra ingredient in his sandwich after biting into it.

“I've heard of people finding strange things in their salad, but never finding something like this a cooked burger,” he said. “I was in disbelief, I was like ‘Is this for real?’”

Cook did not immediately let employees at the store know as he wanted to keep the money, but later said he would return it if someone claimed it to be theirs. The managers were surprised to learn about Cook’s discovery and referred the incident to McDonalds’ corporate office.


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