Young Girl Finds Used Razor Blade Inside Her Soda at Wendy’s

A slimy razor blade was found at the bottom of a soda cup at a New Hampshire Wendy’s and one mom is speaking out

You could say the fast food giant’s health policies aren’t exactly cutting edge.

This isn’t what they ordered.One mom took to Facebook to complain about a used, slimy razor blade found at the bottom of her daughter’s cup of soda purchased at a Keene, New Hampshire, Wendy’s.

“I am beside myself, sick to my stomach, shaky, disgusted and so THANKFUL my child didn't get hurt from this," Aubrey Simonds wrote in the Facebook post, which contained multiple images of the offending object. "The district manager is starting an investigation so I'm glad they are taking this seriously as things could have been much worse but my poor little girl drank whatever nastiness this is!"

According to the district manager, an investigation is underway, but it is believed that a member of the cleaning crew used the razor blade and deposited it into a drink cup instead of throwing the object away. This does not explain why the razor blade was not noticed, even though the soda was clear, and the object could clearly be seen inside.


Wendy’s has reached out to the family to offer its sincere apologies.