We'll have to start eating seafood more often...maybe we'll find some pearls too!


Woman Accidentally Bites Into Rare $600 Pearl at Italian Restaurant

A Washington woman was eating out to dinner with her husband when she accidentally bit down into a rare Quahog pearl

Not all treasure is silver and gold… Sometimes it’s round, purple, and almost breaks your tooth. A woman in the Seattle area was shocked as she bit into her entrée at Montalcino Ristorante Italiano in Issaquah, Washington, and discovered a small, purple pearl.

After doing some research and having the tiny gem appraised, Lindsay Hasz found out that it was a rare Quahog pearl of gemstone quality, worth about $600. That certainly paid for her fruitti di mare multiple times over!

"He thought it looked so round and perfect that someone was playing a joke on me," Hasz told local news station KOMO News, referring to the geologist who appraised the pearl. “He said, ‘you have a Quahog pearl, it's real.’”

The Quahog, a common species of claim found on the East Coast, is known to seldom produce pearls — and even rarer still are the pearls so perfectly round and symmetrical.

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After calling up Montalcino Ristorante, the owners were happy to hear of Hasz’s find. Hasz says she will likely make the pearl into a necklace.