Woman Finds Severed Rat’s Head Inside Bread From Her Favorite Bakery

A woman in Russia cut into a loaf of bread for her breakfast, only to discover a severed rat’s head
Woman Finds Severed Rat’s Head Inside Bread From Her Favorite Bakery


Perhaps worst of all, someone else may have taken home the other half of the rat. 

A woman in Russia had the unfortunate luck of discovering the severed head of a dead rat when she cut into a loaf of bread from her local bakery, a disturbing experience that has changed her shopping loyalties forever.

The woman, an unidentified resident of Saratov, Russia, told the Mirror that, as usual, she bought a loaf of bread to have with her breakfast.

But “when I cut the loaf, I was repulsed and disguised [sic] to find a part of a rat’s body there. I must tell you, it put me off my food.” She knew right away what her stowaway was. “Fur and the size of the remains didn’t leave me guessing,” she said. “It was a rat.”

Pictures of the contaminated bread, which the woman posted online, show a portion of carcass from a dead rodent — though the second half of the rat could easily be inside another loaf of bread.

Going forward, the woman has pledged never to buy bread from the bakery in question ever again.

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The baker, also unidentified, is believed to be investigating the matter.