Man Finds Maggots in Airport Sandwich

Please excuse us as we cringe in disgust

A man found some maggots on his sandwich. It is not pretty.

We have a very negative opinions when it comes to airport foods in general, but this incident might make us pack Lunchables for every flight we can (also, Top Ramen). WSBTV reports that a traveler at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport bought a foccacia sandwich from Café Intermezzo, only to find maggots crawling over his bread.

"I’m looking, what I thought was parmesan, right? And the parmesan began to move," Joel Woloshuk told WSB-TV. Café Intermezzo told WSB-TV that while they regret the isolated incident, the maggots "could not have been generated on our premises." Instead, the president claims the problem begins with its bread supplier, with whom they've since cut ties. "All products from the vendor were removed. Not a single crumb or slice of bread from the vendor remains in the facility," the company's statement said.

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The bread manufacturer, however, also claims they don't believe the problem originated in their facilities, but they're "awaiting results of the investigation to determine further action." In the meantime, the supplier is still serving airport restaurants. Guess we're sticking to potato chips and peanuts.