Man Finds Bone In His Whole Foods Trail Mix

Tom Lukas of New Jersey was snacking on trail mix from Whole Foods, specifically the 365 Berry Bounty Trail Mix, when he bit down on something unexpected.

Lukas recounts how he "bit down on something hard," pulled it out to examine, and asked his wife if it looked like a bone, reports Chasing News. He says, "Nausea kicked in immediately. And I can only imagine what other body parts I was eating while consuming that bag of trail mix."

The man immediately called Whole Foods and wrote a complaint, which was taken and signed by the manager at the Cherry Hill Whole Foods. Lukas also filed a complaint with the Camden County Board of Health before taking the bone to a local vet.

The vet confirmed the foreign object was a bone. Chasing News took the specimen to experts Dr. Kyla Beguesse, a Zoological Pathology fellow at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Dr. Kenneth Dazen and Dr. Sharonda Meade of the Animal and Avian Care Center in Cherry Hill.

Beguesse concluded the bone "most closely resembled a bone from the tarsal region of a small mammal" and that the size of the bone is too large to belong to a common domestic rat or mouse. Dazen said, "It looks larger than a mouse or rat, maybe a big rat, but possibly the size of a guinea pig."

Whole Foods tells The Daily Meal, "Whole Foods Market is deeply committed to quality assurance and transparency and we've found no evidence confirming the claims Chasing News is reporting. The station provided no substantial information to prove the validity of the claim prior to airing the story. We were contacted by the customer after Chasing News reached out to us for comment and we are still awaiting additional information from him regarding product details. At Whole Foods Market, customer safety is a priority and we take all matters regarding quality assurance very seriously. We have contacted our supplier partner to ensure our quality assurance protocols are being met and will continue to investigate the complaint directly with this customer."