Woman Finds Human Thumb in Bowl of Ramen

A woman in Japan found a human thumb floating in her child’s ramen
Bowl of ramen


A woman in Japan found a severed fingertip, nail and all, in the bowl of ramen her child was eating at a popular restaurant chain. 

There’s no good answer when a customer asks, “Waiter, what is this human thumb doing in my soup?” But that happened recently in Japan when a woman found what looked exactly like a chunk of a human thumb in the bowl of ramen her child was eating.

According to Rocket News 24, the woman and her child were at a branch of the Kourakuen ramen restaurant chain in Shizuoka when she spotted the object and told staff that she’d found what looked exactly like a human thumb in the soup. What looked like a human thumb turned out to really be a human thumb, as the city health center was approximately a one centimeter by one centimeter piece of a person’s finger, nail and all.

A missing finger is pretty easy to track, though, and the company quickly figured out where it came from. A woman working at the store had cut her fingertip off while slicing pork, and the severed finger got mixed with the food. Customers online were not pleased to hear that if a person cut off a finger while preparing food, all the food somehow was still deemed fit for consumption.

The store apologized and said it would disinfect all its utensils and make sure this never happened again. Fortunately nobody was sickened by eating the tainted ramen, but it will probably be some time before anybody involved can look at a bowl of noodles the same way again.