Man Who Found Knife in Subway Bread Gets $20,000

Subway has cut a deal with the guy, giving him $20,000 instead of $1 million in damages

Apparently, if you find a serrated knife in the middle of your Subway sandwich bread, it's worth $20,000. Or at least, that's how much the Subway sandwich chain paid a Queens diner.

Back in 2008, John Agnesini found a stainless steel knife, with the blade facing upwards, in the bread of the sandwich he was eating. "After taking a few bites I could tell something didn't taste right," Agnesini told the New York Post. "Then I felt something hard on the bottom of the bread. I turned it over and could see the knife baked inside."

Agnesini sued the chain for $1 million in damages, saying he became sick with stomach issues for three hours after the incident, potentially from food poisoning from the plastic knife handle. The chain offered a deal of $20,000, and requires Agnesini to follow a "non-disparagement agreement."

On the bright side, he didn't cut his mouth open with the knife, unlike the unfortunate fellow who discovered a needle in his turkey sandwich.