Teenage Girl Claims To Have Found Baby Rat In Her Food During High Tea At The Plaza

A sixteen-year-old French girl named Eloise who visited The Plaza Hotel during Christmas break, no doubt to fulfill the storybook prophecy known as Eloise at the Plaza, now claims to have found a baby rat in one of her tea sandwiches during high tea, according to the New York Post.

The visitor, Eloise Faux, was enjoying tea with her friend and uncle when, according to "wildly divergent accounts," a dead baby rat somehow arrived on the scene. According to Faux and her uncle, Laurent Faux, the rat was discovered as the elder Faux took a bite of his turkey finger sandwich." The Post, however, reports that, "Plaza security footage viewed by The Post shows the uncle handing his plate to Eloise, and Eloise then secreting the plate under the table for several seconds before handing it back."

Photos of the Fauxes' time at The Plaza show what appears to be "the top half of a baby rodent," according to a doctor's discharge form obtained after the guests went to Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center for medical review.

A spokesman for The Plaza's Palm Court restaurant, meanwhile, called the incident "purely a hoax," saying, "This situation has been thoroughly investigated, and it is unequivocally a meritless claim."

According to the Post, the incident has also made Eloise "afraid of sandwiches."