Every Thanksgiving Side Dish You'll Ever Need

Thanksgiving in America is about to celebrate its 396th anniversary, and like any other longstanding national holiday, this one in steeped in tradition — especially when it comes to what we put on our tables.

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Turkey is the shining emblem — the iconic poster-child of Thanksgiving. But what would the holiday be without mashed potatoes and gravy? What is turkey without that tart foil of cranberry sauce? Turkey is ever-present, but the side dishes should be the real stars at this annual feast.

Here is a basic collection of the most essential Thanksgiving side dishes — although you should never be afraid to add a new ingredient, a personal twist, or some regional flair.

It is said that the first Thanksgiving was a three-day affair and that lobster, seal, and swan made appearances on the original Pilgrims' menu. But you only have one day to make it count; what will you be serving? Try any of these essential Thanksgiving sides!

Rachael Pack contributed to this roundup.