Lauren Farkas

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Long Island, NY
Washington University In St. Louis
Vegan Living, Sustainability, Pop Culture
  • As a recent liberal arts degree recipient, Lauren has spent the last four years developing her writing skills to communicate a wide array of ideas at a college level.
  • She has honed her love for writing and food trends as a content writer for Spoon University throughout her undergraduate career.
  • Her contemporary writing style reflects her perspective as a member of Gen Z and an avid consumer of modern media.


Lauren has always been a self-proclaimed foodie, but since adopting a vegan lifestyle in 2018 for environmental and ethical purposes, that part of her identity has grown even stronger. She has spent the last four years researching restaurants, products, recipes, and nutrition tips to make her own diet less stressful, more flavorful, and most importantly, more sustainable. Simultaneously, she has implemented her love for writing and content creation to make everything she has learned accessible (and appealing) to the masses. As a student, she started her university's first vegan food account on Instagram, making posts to guide other students through vegan-friendly dining hall hacks and options both on campus and in the surrounding city. She also joined her campus' chapter of Spoon University to create longer-form articles focusing on similar topics. Now, she hopes to continue writing to inspire others to make more sustainable food choices.


In college, Lauren double-majored in Global Studies and Educational Studies. With a multidisciplinary course of study under her belt, she has experience writing about a broad scope of topics and adapting her work to suit a general audience.
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