The Weirdest Tourist Attraction in Every State

These would be the perfect spots to hit on your next road trip

If you’re planning a trip and want to skip the usual ho-hum tourist spots, consider this list mandatory reading. With this catalogue of the weirdest tourist attractions in every state, you will avoid the trap of long lines and underwhelming monuments in favor of some of the lesser-known but no less incredible back road sites throughout America.


Begin thinking of Instagram captions now, because visiting any of these attractions is going to give you crazy good content and a wild story to tell your friends. People will delight in hearing about your adventure to North Dakota’s Enchanted Highway. They’ll revel in your tales of California’s Cabazon Dinosaurs. No one will believe your wild story that there is an Elvis Memorial Chapel in Arizona unless you go and take photos or come back with wacky souvenirs.

So, go for it! Take the road less traveled on your next journey and visit these roadside oddities, enormous ordinary items, and buried bits of history from the weirdest tourist attractions in every state. Everyone gets bored hearing about The Bean in Chicago or M&M’s World in New York anyway.

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