Uptown Brasserie by Marcus Samuelsson

$ $
Terminal 4, near Gate B32 (JFK International Airport)
Queens, NY


  • Severely understaffed in the morning, expect dirty tables and sparse service.
  • The butternut squash soup is vegan!
  • Love this place, its always consistent
  • The chef from Red Rooster's spot in the new Delta terminal 4. Tasty breakfast and really comfortable. Cocktail menu looks great, too, for when it's not 8am.
  • Great atmosphere. Best bar/restaurant in JFK...doesn't feel like you're in an airport! Make sure to get Edwin as your bartender!
  • Gorgeous restaurant by Top Chef Masters winner Marcus Samuelsson. Doesn't feel like you're in an airport. Try Helga's meatballs and Eben Klemm's custom cocktails!
  • Crispy salmon with soba noodles.
  • I was literally the only one at the bar at 10:15AM on a Tuesday and they told me I couldnt sit there without ordering food. Literally no one else there. Gotta loosen the reins a little there, chief.
  • Not a lot of options in this terminal. But a vending machine is more satisfying.
  • If you enjoy the taste of cleaning fluid then youll love the beer here. Also I only had to wait half an hour for my meal. Great.
  • Waste of space & money. They didnt have most items on the menu. Food is horrible.
  • Real good restaurant at an airport.. The strip filet is excellent.
  • Many of these reviews are way too harsh. This is a much better hot breakfast than the nearby coffee shops. But yes, it's not fine dining.
  • Mediocre food
  • , - , : , . Made my day:))
  • Love it but in the 6-8 times I've had breakfast here, they never have the green drinks listed on the menu.
  • Lazy staff. Took 10 mins for anyone to acknowledge me (and it's not busy). And how can you run out of bloody mix at 8:30am?!?
  • One of the better dining options at JFK. The fish sandwich was pretty good. Not cheap, but it's the airport.
  • surprised marcus samuelsson put his name on this place. bland and tepid cafeteria-quality dishes, and many items on the menu were not even available. friendly and relaxed service, however.
  • No cocktails at the airport until 8am!

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