8 Vegetarian Takes on Bacon

Get the smoky, crispy taste of bacon without the meat

You can substitute bacon with coconut flakes, mushrooms, or Bacon Salt.

With all the bacon backlash that has flared up over the past month, meat lovers are running for the hills and vegans are rejoicing. Having bacon in moderation does not pose a problem but in order to satisfy your bacon craving in a healthier way, there are a few techniques you can use when seasoning and making your food.

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The good news is that there are vegetarian alternatives for everything — even bacon. Whether it be making bacon out of coconut flakes or sautéing breadcrumbs to top your mac and cheese, you can satisfy your need for that smoky flavor and crispy texture. If you are not vegetarian or vegan, eliminating bacon from your diet is not completely necessary but substituting bacon for healthy alternatives such as grilled mushrooms or tempeh can help you eat meatless without feeling like you’re giving up your sanity.