13 Slow-Cooker Christmas Desserts

Serve one or more of these easy, delicious desserts at your next party
Apple Cider Christmas Roast

Chef Kevin Gillespie of Gunshow in Atlanta shows us how to make this Christmas meal.

White Chocolate Pots de Crème


Make this amazing Christmas dessert in a slow cooker! 

Your beef Wellington is roasting beautifully in the oven, while you’re mixing the ingredients for your famous creamed corn casserole. The entire family is gathered around the warm fire, laughing and unwrapping more Christmas presents, when suddenly you realize how relaxed you feel. Maybe it’s because the hectic stress surrounding Christmas is finally over, or maybe it’s because you let your slow-cooker prepare your Christmas dessert.

Slow-cookers are exactly what you need to whip up a simple dessert with minimal effort. You just throw all of your ingredients into the pot and let it cook while you worry about more important things, like your Christmas roast and spending time with your family. These desserts span from delicious fruit breads to moist chocolate cakes, so everyone can find a fantastic dessert that fits in with their family traditions. Throw out the hard, chewy fruitcake that no one wants and replace it with a beautiful plate of slow-cooker candied nuts or fresh cranberry-orange cake. Your friends and family won’t believe these decadent dishes full of flavor came from a slow-cooker!  

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