Christmas is Better than Halloween


13 Reasons Halloween Is Better Than Christmas

It’s not just the candy corn that makes this spooky day better than Christmas

Halloween is now the second highest grossing holiday in America, following closely behind Christmas. This means that its status as a popular, widely celebrated day is well and truly set, and there’s no way of denying its crazy popularity. However, despite the commercial success of Halloween, there’s something about it that is so much more laid-back, and therefore enjoyable, than the stressful Christmas festivities.

13 Reasons Halloween Is Better Than Christmas (Slideshow)

At first it seems strange to think that we could possible enjoy Halloween more than Christmas, but really there are so many explanations as to why this spooky holiday is better than Christmas. There is so much less pressure surrounding Halloween: There’s no such thing as a perfect Halloween day, no rules to be followed, set meals to be made, or enforced family gatherings to host. As long as there’s candy (which is why all the sugar-addicts love this day), and some trick-or-treating for the kids, Halloween will be a success. It’s this lack of idealistic goals and expectations that actually enables us to enjoy the day a whole lot more than we can enjoy Christmas.

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Though we do love the traditions surrounding Christmas, from the tree, to the huge meal, to the Christmas songs (but we definitely don’t love them as much as they’re played throughout December), to the festive cheer, there’s something so much more fun and exciting about Halloween’s spooky, scary celebrations. The horror movies, spectacular costumes, and the amount of adrenaline pumping through us from all the frights and silly scares really comes together to mean that, at least in our books, Halloween wins the best holiday competition.