10 DIY Edible Food Wreaths

Pine and holly wreaths are fine, but why not show your love of food with decorations you can eat?
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Vegetable Tray Wreath


This food wreath is festive and filled with fresh vegetables.

The holiday season is here and this year you’ve decided to throw a huge party! You’re not the craftiest person in the world, but you still want to add some festive elements to your gathering.

Making a food wreath for the holidays is incredibly easy and adds festive, fun food to your home. These aren't wreaths to hang on the door or over the mantelpiece — they're for the table, where, once you've had a good look at them, your guests can tear into them for a delicious appetizer or after-dinner treat. From refreshing salad arrays to displays of decadent desserts, we’ve compiled a list of awesome, simple wreath ideas for your holiday party.


Be sure to get creative when decorating these wreaths. Use our instructions as a base that you can enhance with your own artistic sense. Be sure to add a red bow on one end of your food wreath to give it more of a Christmas/holiday look. Also, if your wreath doesn’t retain any of the typical Christmas colors, try adding some rosemary or mistletoe around your wreath to enhance its Christmas look. You’ll be surprised how creative you can get when it comes to fun Christmas food.