Diet Sodas Are Losing Popularity Among Consumers, Report Suggests

New analysis on consumer conversations show that regular soda is in, diet soda is out
Diet Pepsi


Engagement Labs analyzed consumer conversations both online and offline.

An analysis by Engagement Labs looking at online and offline consumer conversations yielded some interesting findings on consumer sentiments regarding popular soft drink brands. It found that though consumers are “bubbling with interest in regular soft drink brands,” enthusiasm regarding diet soda “seems to have gone flat,” according to Beverage Daily.

The company used its TotalSocial tool for the analysis.

“Engagement Labs’ TotalSocial scores quantify the impact of these trends on consumer conversations which is clearly reflected by the fact that diet soda brands have a lot in their glass right now—including: health concerns about sugar and artificial sweeteners and balancing consumer interest in natural ingredients with backlash to formulation changes,” said Ed Keller, CEO of Engagement Labs.

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Keller said the results of this analysis indicate an opportunity for soft drink brands to “market with an eye toward curating content and experiences that lead to more shares and positive consumer conversations.”