Halloween Food Ideas for Your Spooky Fête

Want to spook your guests? We have some chilling Halloween food ideas


Are these spooky cupcakes perfect for your Halloween fête?

Halloween food ideas can be challenging to come up with if you’re not scrolling through Pinterest or watching a scary movie. If you’re throwing a Halloween fête this year and need assistance with Halloween food ideas, have no fear: We’re here to help jumpstart a spooky experience for your guests with three suggestions.

There are a few things that may already be in your refrigerator or pantry — grapes and apricot halves, for example — that can help you kick things off. Halloween food ideas are more successful when you consider texture, considering the fact that most parties are lowly lit. Here are a few tricks for you to try.

Ears of Those Who Don’t Listen

When set on a platter, don’t dried apricot halves look just like shriveled-up human ears? That’s what happens when kids don’t listen to their parents — or spouses don't pay attention to each other. Oh, and they taste good, too.

Eyeballs of Naughty Children

Just-washed grapes are slippery enough to pass as eyeballs, but when you peel their skins away and toss them with olive oil, things get a whole lot worse. Close your eyes and stick your hand in — it’s just like human eyeballs, no?

Witches’ Boogers


We’re not sure why, but kids have a fascination with boogers. Indulge that childish obsession on Halloween by offering your guests witches’ boogers (also known as green apple Jelly Bellies) served in a cut-crystal bowl. Open your mouth and close your eyes — you’re indeed in for a big surprise.