The 25 Most Popular Halloween Candies in America

Americans love their candy, above all at Halloween, but you might be surprised at what we love the best
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

This peanut butter-filled treat is guaranteed to make any trick-or-treater happy. 

This year, Americans are expected to spend $2.5 billion in candy alone. That’s a lot of Smarties! With billions of dollars spent on various candies, how can you determine which ones are right for your household — or those charming little monsters who will be ringing your doorbell with their plastic pumpkins or old pillowcases held out?

Our list will help you narrow it down to the true American favorites, so you can ensure your trick-or-treaters will love what you give out instead of trading it for something better.

The top five candies all have elements of chocolate in them, which just shows how much Americans love that classic treat. In fact, 72 percent of all Halloween candy bought this year will be chocolate, according to CashNetUSA. The top grossing companies, who produce a majority of this nation’s chocolate, are Mars and The Hershey Company.

We love candy for all kinds of reasons. Besides the fact that it’s a delicious treat on its own, candy can be used to heighten desserts or cocktails. Especially colorful candy is also great for decorating tables and desserts. With countless ways to incorporate candy into your Halloween night, this list should help you decide which candies to use this year.

Our list is compiled from rankings of America's top candies on Fox News, Bloomberg, and USAToday. We combined their annual sales statistics of annual sales and rankings of favorite candies by state rankings, cross-referenced the results with our own candy popularity poll from 2013, and added a dose of editorial discretion to compile this complete list of America’s favorite Halloween candies for 2017.

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