Smart Strategies for Staying Hydrated This Winter

Don’t let your water bottle out of your sight this winter
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 It’s easier to get dehydrated in the colder months than you might think.

Winter is known for fun activities like ice-skating in the park, hitting the slopes, or starting snowball fights; what’s not great is the dry, itchy skin, and chapped lips that come with the season. You might be slathering on body lotion or applying massive amounts of lip balm to heal your cracked skin, but the real culprit behind that dryness could be winter dehydration.

Smart Strategies for Staying Hydrated This Winter (Slideshow)

According to the USDA, many people, especially children, become dehydrated in the winter months because they don’t realize how much moisture they’re losing. Being active outside in the winter, even if it’s just walking from one errand to the next, can cause fluid loss through sweat, especially when we’re covered in lots warm layers. Many don’t even realize how dehydrated they are until a serious problem arises.

“As a hospital physician," says Dr. Ralph E. Holsworth, director of clinical and scientific research for Essentia Water and a doctor at Southeast Colorado Hospital, "I’ve seen far too many people succumb to dehydration-related health scares stemming from high-elevation ski trips to travel to simply forgetting to drink water because it’s cold outside. Staying properly hydrated can help ensure good health throughout the winter, reduce dry skin, and even help you flush toxins out of your body to reduce the chances of getting a winter cold or flu.”


During winter, be sure to drink up — and we don’t mean those sugary, caffeinated beverages like eggnog lattes and hot chocolate, which pack a lot of calories and can seriously stand in the way of hydration. If the idea of a big glass of ice water becomes unappealing during the cold-weather months, find ways to sneak some H2O into your regular routine. To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best (and sneakiest) ways to trick yourself into drinking and retaining more water during the winter months. Follow these tips and you’ll be replenished in no time!