The Unhealthiest Foods at Disney Parks
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The Unhealthiest Foods at Disney Parks

We couldn’t believe the calories in these theme park finds

We know Disney is supposed to be the happiest place on earth, but with foods like these on the menu, we’re shocked it’s not also the fattest place on Earth. Seriously, these eats and treats are absolutely ridiculous.

Being on vacation makes indulging just that much more tempting. And that’s totally okay. To everyone’s surprise, letting loose on vacation could actually help you to lose weight, not gain it. However, the over-the-top, food-challenge-worthy dishes offered at Disney’s theme parks could be enough to throw you overboard.

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At one park, they fill an entire sand bucket with full-fat, creamy ice cream. At another location, they put a whole fatty fish in the deep fryer and call it a meal. They just send the whole thing to your table in one giant, single, breaded serving.

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It takes more than imagination to conjure up these wild dishes — and it should take more people than could possibly be sitting at your large family table to finish each one.