The Craziest Oreo Flavors Ever

This legendary cookie has been made in flavors that go far beyond chocolate with a white interior

Red Velvet Oreos are the most recent rollout. 

We bet you that you can go through your entire life and never meet someone who doesn’t like Oreo cookies. “Oh, I’m not a big fan of chocolate cookies sandwiching a crème filling,” said no one ever. But over the years, Nabisco, which makes the things, has released some flavors that have certainly been… challenging, to say the least.

The Craziest Oreo Flavors Ever (Slideshow)

Oreos were invented in 1912 in New York City, at the National Biscuit Company (as the company was then called) factory on the West Side, today’s Chelsea Market. Believe it or not, they were actually launched in order to compete with the Sunshine Company’s Hydrox cookies, irst manufactured in 1908.

The initial attempt at launching a new Oreo flavor came in the 1920s, when a lemon-flavored variety was introduced, but it was soon discontinued. Since its inception, the original formula has changed little — lard was removed from the filling in the 1990s and replaced with partially hydrogenated vegetable oil in order to make it (slightly) healthier, and that, in turn, was replaced with non-hydrogenated vegetable oil in 2006 — but other than that, things are pretty much the same.

Nabisco has gone hog-wild with their rollout of new flavors over the years. From root beer float flavor to Reese’s Peanut Butter, from Limeade to the just-released Red Velvet, the Oreo has come in many shapes, colors, and flavors over the years (although unfortunately, fried chicken wasn’t one of them). And who can forget Double-Stuf Oreos, and the most wondrous Oreo creation of all, White Fudge-Covered Oreos? If you love Oreos, the possibilities are endless.

Yes, this legendary wonder of American ingenuity has taken on many forms over the years, some released only in international markets, some only on the shelves for a tantalizingly short period of time, some that just had to be a little bit of a gimmick (Triple Double Oreo, we’re looking at you), and others that had to be the product of some goofing off in the R&D department. You’d be hard-pressed to find an Oreo, no matter the formula, that doesn’t taste good, but some definitely were a little bit crazy. Here are the 10 craziest Oreo flavors of all.

Green Tea Oreos

If you find yourself in China or Japan, be on the lookout for green tea-flavored Oreos; green tea is a very popular flavor for all kinds of foods in parts of Asia.

Blueberry Ice Cream Oreos


We’re not exactly sure what makes these taste like blueberry ice cream instead of just blueberry, but what we do know is that they were released in 2010 and are available in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and China.