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10 Frozen Treats for Summer That Won’t Bloat Your Belly

If you’re headed to the beach, throw a couple of these sweet snacks in your cooler
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These frozen desserts are virtually free of all the ingredients responsible for uncomfortable bloat

There’s nothing worse than that bloaty feeling: You’re headed to the beach, decked out in your new swimsuit and the cutest cover-up, and suddenly your stomach starts to pooch.

What did you do wrong? What did you eat that gave you this horrible indigestion? You want to eat and drink on the beach — and let’s be honest, that’s half the fun — but you don’t want your bloat to get in the way.

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Most probably, no one else is noticing that your belly is bloated. Studies show that people really are only thinking about themselves most of the time anyway, now more than ever — and therefore they aren’t bothering to look for minute changes in your belly. However, the way you feel about your stomach has the unfortunate potential to make or break your mood.


You don’t have to let that stop you from snacking on something sweet this summer. These 10 recipes are tasty and nutritious, and they avoid some of the main culprits behind bloating: dairy, sodium, artificial sweeteners, and carbonation.