cake and ice cream

5 Best Cake and Ice Cream Combinations Ever

Rethink this favorite childhood dessert
cake and ice cream

What goes better with cake than anything else on the planet, especially for those with summer birthdays? Ice cream! Duh.

Think back to your childhood days, when absolutely no dessert at your birthday party would be complete without a healthy scoop of ice cream on the side. Forget the brownie sundae. Cake and ice cream is the ultimate combination, and it’s one that adults need to consider a bit more often. But, as adults with advanced palates, it’s easy to get tired of the same old ice cream and cake combinations over and over again. It’s time to shake things up.

To help inspire your future dessert courses and to add a little zest back into your entertaining life, we looked to some other classic desserts for inspiration. And the resulting cake and ice cream combinations are, simply put, magical. Say goodbye to plain old vanilla cake and Neapolitan ice cream. Instead, by adding a flavor like peach, mint, or lemon into your cake and ice cream combinations, you’ll come into flavor blends that will totally make you rethink your birthday plans.

Cake: Butter Cake
Ice Cream: Strawberry
Recreate the classic flavors of strawberry shortcake with this fun yet light combination. The ooey, gooey butter cake (or a vegan version) is a more full-flavored version of a light and fluffy shortcake. Meanwhile, the strawberry ice cream adds a creamy, sugary element and that signature fruity flavor.

Cake: Chocolate
Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip

Chocolate and mint are a magical combination — so much so that they made an ice cream flavor out of it. Amplify the wonderfulness of mint chocolate chip ice cream by supplementing it with a rich, moist, heavenly chocolatey chocolate cake.

Cake: Lemon
Ice Cream: Sweet Cream
If you’re looking for a slightly sweet yet slightly tart dessert, lemon cake is the dish you’ve been missing. Supplement this light, fluffy cake recipe with some beautiful sweet cream ice cream for much-needed balance.

Cake: Strawberry
Ice Cream: Chocolate
Chocolate-dipped strawberries are the definition of delicious indulgence. Channel those romantic flavors with a fun pink strawberry cake and some classic chocolate ice cream. Trust us, one great dessert lends itself to even more greatness.

Cake: Vanilla
Ice Cream: Peach

Peaches and cream are so beloved, and those light, summery flavors translate perfectly to cake and ice cream. Vanilla cake is a true classic, though it can be considered rather dull. But the peach ice cream will bring new dimensions to this dessert you thought you knew so well.