How Many Calories Are You Eating at the Theme Park?

The roller coaster isn’t the only thing at the theme park that could make you sick...

You won’t believe how many calories a day at the theme park could cost you.

When the late summer rolls around and you’ve already hit the beach, visited the best boardwalks, and thrown a great pool party. There is one major summer event you still have to cross off of your bucket list: spending the day at theme park.

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There is something magically thrilling about spending the day at your favorite local amusement park that goes beyond the exhilarating rides. The atmosphere is a pleasant chaotic buzz where kids are smiling from ear to ear and parents happily wave at their kids every time the carousel makes a whirl. And sure, you’re riding killer roller coasters and you’re winning blowing money on an insane amount of challenging carnival games, but for a food lover, it is the fair fare that really makes the day special.

Only at a theme park or local carnival can you enjoy a truly crispy and fluffy funnel cake. Your fresh squeezed lemonade is always the perfect blend of sweet and sour, and the joy of eating a cornbread hot dog is unparalleled. But a day of eating amusement park food doesn’t come without a price — and believe us, it is a hefty one.

If you indulge in all of your theme park food-favorites you could potentially be consuming a grand total of:

(drum roll, please)

In one day. Granted, that is a worst-case-scenario situation, but eating even a fraction of these foods could lead to a calorically detrimental day. To help you make the best decision possible while you’re frolicking around the local theme park, we pulled together the calorie totals of some of your favorite theme park foods to help you break down just how much you’re eating on this glorious summer day. Where the calories come from may truly surprise you!

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

If you’re running around in the hot summer sun all day, it really is best to drink water. However, we know sometimes you just can’t resist the lure of a carbonated beverage. Here are some of the typical theme park options and how they break down calorically. Click here to see the numbers.

Main Dishes

We guarantee that you’ll be eating at least one of these theme park staples. Click here to see the numbers.


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