15 Monstrous Desserts From Around America

Eat these desserts at your own risk!
Round Rock Doughnuts

Yelp / Rishika R & Lizzie H

Round Rock Donuts sells "Texas-sized" doughnuts that are the size of a dozen traditional doughnuts.

For some people, dessert is an afterthought. It’s a few bites of something sweet after dinner. But for others, dessert is a way of life, and an enormous slice of cake or mountainous sundae is the greatest thing on the planet. For those serious dessert lovers, we’ve tracked down 15 absolutely monstrous desserts from around the country.

15 Monstrous Desserts From Around America (Slideshow)

With the popularity of shows like Man v. Food, over the past five years or so, restaurants across the country have been adding food challenges to their menus, and dessert shops are no exception. Monstrous desserts come in all varieties, but for the most part, ice cream sundaes are the most monstrous of all, because as long as you have a vessel large enough, you can just keep making them bigger, and bigger, and bigger. People will always want to try their hand at finishing the whole thing. Gigantic cakes are also fairly common, but take some more care to assemble. If you look hard enough you’ll also find giant eclairs, doughnuts bigger than your head, and even huge piles of crepes and waffles.

In order to find these desserts, we started by consulting websites like FoodChallenges.com, a great resource for just about every restaurant culinary challenge in America. We sifted through the meals eaten by Adam Richman on Man v. Food, and used just about every other online resource at our disposal to find huge desserts that people are talking about. And we want to make sure that if you wanted to eat any of these insane desserts today you could, so we didn’t include “pop-up” desserts like those found at state fairs. (Major props to this enormous churro funnel cake at the Orange County Fair, though.)


While the majority of these huge desserts are one-person challenges, we really hope you don’t take it upon yourself to eat them in one sitting. Not only will you get sick and end up with a massive brain freeze, but the joy in huge desserts (or any large-format dish, like a whole pizza) is that they’re meant to be shared, to be enjoyed by a group of family or friends. So read on to see 15 desserts that are bigger than just about any you’ll ever encounter. And if you decide to eat any of them, don’t’ forget to share.