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You Won’t Believe the Insane Calorie Counts of These 14 Greasy Favorites

These classic comfort foods are probably unhealthier than you think

Unless you’ve been eating under a rock, you probably know by now that the greasier something is, the unhealthier it is for you, especially from a fat and calorie standpoint. But we bet that the sheer quantity of calories contained in some of the most popular greasy foods will still shock you.

You Won’t Believe the Insane Calorie Counts of These 14 Greasy Favorites (Slideshow)

The science behind greasy foods being unhealthy isn’t especially difficult to understand. It all comes down to energy: Oil makes for an especially good energy source (just look at how a small amount can power a lamp), and calories measure how much energy a food product contains. The more oil contained in a food we eat, the more calories we consume (to put it simply), and if we don’t immediately burn off that energy, it’s stored in our body as fat.

Occasionally eating greasy food isn’t going to hurt you. It’s when greasy foods become a staple of your diet that your health (and waistline) can be negatively impacted. And just as important as what you eat is how much of it you eat. And that’s where we tend to go off the rails. Even if you’re eating something that’s considered to be healthy, if you eat three times as much as you should, well, it’s not so healthy anymore. And if you eat three slices of pizza instead of one, then you’re getting into really unhealthy territory.

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Read on to learn just how much fat and calories are lurking in your favorite greasy foods, and prepare to be surprised. In order to find the exact figures, we used nutrition information from chain restaurant websites, so keep in mind that the portion sizes at your favorite local restaurant might be twice the size (or containing twice as much cheese) as that of dishes served by these chains. Either way, we suggest you maybe take half home in a doggy bag.