4 Tasty Pizzas That Will Finally Change Up Brunch

Reinvent pizza for brunch: It doesn’t have to consist of cold, greasy leftovers
Breakfast Pizza

Photo Modified: Flickr / Alexis Lamster / CC BY 4.0

Put a fried egg on your pizza to make it perfect for brunch.

Pizza for breakfast doesn’t have to always consist of cold leftover slices — warmed up in the microwave if you’re feeling ambitious — eaten straight out of the oily pizza box with bleary eyes on a Saturday morning. Pizza deserves more love and attention than that (although we do admit that, occasionally, cold pizza leftovers are exactly what a weekend morning needs). These four sweet and savory recipes are about to show you how and why pizza should take center stage at your next brunch.

Grilled Breakfast Bacon and Eggs Pizza

There could be no heartier way to start the day than with this crispy pizza, topped with your favorite fried breakfast ingredients. This rich pizza is covered with a creamy béchamel sauce, before layering fried eggs and crispy bacon on top, and ending with a final flourish of spicy jalapeños. Every weekend brunch deserves to be this tasty and this indulgent.

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Grilled Smoked Salmon Pizza

Don’t stray too far from your favorite lox and cream cheese breakfast bagel by eating multiple slices of this salty smoked salmon pizza. The cream cheese has been replaced by garlicy Boursin, and the whole thing is topped with chives and dill to add a burst of freshness to this savory, smoky breakfast pizza.

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Nutella Breakfast Pizza

Just because you’ve got a sweet tooth doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the pizza-for-brunch trend. This super simple recipe just needs you to bake the pizza dough before topping it with Nutella and fresh fruit: Could there be a better way to start the day than by combining our two favorite things, chocolate and pizza?

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Potato and Mozzarella Naan Pizza

Brunch is meant to be an indulgent and filling meal, so make sure you eat all the carbohydrates you can by enjoying this potato and mozzarella pizza. Using a flatbread as the pizza base makes this pizza incredibly quick and easy to prepare, as every brunch dish should be.


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