The Healthiest Dishes Around The World

It's no secret that America has some health problems. Between the heart disease and the cancer rates, America has a long way to go before it can consider itself "healthy." This health crisis surely has some relation to our eating habits, which typically range from bad to awful, depending on the day. Seriously, Americans are eating pizza for breakfast and hosting eating competitions where participants down dozens of hot dogs — hot dogs with a grotesque laundry list of artificial ingredients.

If you ask a citizen of any other country what they think about American eating habits, they'll probably laugh out loud. But if you ask any American about foods abroad, they'll rant and rave.

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We would, too. While America lacks a "traditional" cuisine, civilizations worldwide are brimming with centuries-old recipes and time-honored dishes that are far from lacking in flavor or intrigue. We aren't sure about you, but we've never been exhausted by the endless options for flavors of curry or varieties of phở.

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