10 Breakfast Recipes to Make for Dinner

Who said eggs, waffles, and oatmeal were just for breakfast?

Breakfast Tacos//Catz in the Kitchen

I love breakfast food, but I think it tastes much better later in the day. I’m not talking brunch or even lunch; I’m talking dinnertime. Give me syrupy, buttery pancakes at 9 p.m. any night.

Who was the one who relegated waffles, grits, and scrambled eggs to just breakfast? If you know, send them my way; I would like to have a serious chat about this nonsense. 

I shared this week’s SWAT theme, Breakfast for Dinner, with the Culinary Content Network of food bloggers to see if they shared my love of breakfast, and I was not disappointed. This was another crazy week of submissions (more than 60!), and I’ve been gifted with some really exceptional recipes to drool over. 

In fact, I decided to create another SWAT solely dedicated to breakfast sandwiches because I couldn’t give them enough attention here — stay tuned, it’s coming.

For this week, however, I reviewed the submissions and chose my 10 favorites — yes, sadly only 10 — and instead of going with classics like buttermilk pancakes (which are awesome at any time of day), I chose recipes that had a more of a dinnertime vibe.


Click here to check out these 10 breakfast-themed recipes perfect for dinner, and see if your favorite blogger snagged a winning spot.