Eat These 25 Foods To Speed Up Your Metabolism

There are more reasons than just weight loss to avoid a slow metabolism. Your metabolism might seem invisible, but it actually makes itself known in many areas of your life.

A slower metabolic rate can make you feel depressed, lethargic, and stressed. Your hormones could start to shift, making you more irritable, less balanced, and more prone to acne. You might start to sweat more and experience problems with your circulation. You could even experience painful cramping and embarrassing indigestion.

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Truth be told, weight gain — which, according to many studies, isn't really indicative of health at all — is the least of your problems with it comes to your metabolism. The reasons to keep it revving stretch far above the BMI reported by your doctor.

Having a high metabolism can help you live your most balanced, most energized, and least inhibited life. Luckily, these foods can help you get there.