The World's 20 Greatest Rice Dishes

Although it's still up for debate, genetic evidence supports the idea that all forms of Asian rice came from a single domestication that occurred sometime between 8,200 and 13,500 years ago in China. Since then, the staple food has been incorporated into dishes in almost every country in the world, varying from the very simple to the enormously complex. And why not, as rice is perfectly enjoyable in its plain, white, sticky form, but can also be combined with every meat, seafood, and vegetable in existence, along with most spices, too.

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In case you didn't know, September is National Rice Month, so we initially thought it would be fitting to do a roundup of the best rice-based meals in America. However, despite all the wonderful food prepared across the country, we'd be selling this incredibly versatile staple short by limiting the article to domestic dishes.

To illustrate this fact, we took a little trot around the globe and gathered the absolute best rice dishes from 18 countries. (We included multiple dishes from the same country in a few cases.) Though most of these meals are quite common, we also threw in some suggestions for places to try the various dishes and even included a couple recipes in case you want to try preparing them at home.