Salmon men's health

17 Foods Every Man Should Eat at Least Once a Week

Avoid disease and feel healthier with these delicious foods
Salmon men's health

Salmon’s abundant supplies of omega-3 fatty acids help reduce blood clotting, and research shows that it lowers triglyceride levels and risk of coronary artery disease

Trying to figure out what’s best for your diet can be confusing, especially when the fads and trends dictating what’s “healthy” and what’s not keep changing. Should you be eating meat? Should you be counting carbs? What about the keto diet?

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The nutrients that all men need, however, rarely change all that much. While the nitty gritty of what works and doesn’t work for weight loss are as complicated as ever, your diet doesn’t have to be. Making sure you have all the basic nutrition that you need is as simple as eating a varied, vitamin-rich diet.

There are risks that come with failing to get the nutrients you need from your diet. Heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and liver disease are some of the leading causes of death for men in America. Rather than reacting to diseases with a medicine cabinet full of prescriptions, men can take steps to prevent these diseases from ever happening in the first place. A consistent combination of the right foods could help. If you want to stay healthy and live longer, here are the 17 foods every man should eat at least once a week.


Holly Van Hare and Michael Serrur contributed to this story.