How to Make Chickpeas Taste Like Cheetos

Can a healthy snack really taste as good as a bag of Cheetos? We think so
How to Make Chickpeas Taste Like Cheetos


These Cheesy Roasted Chickpeas taste a lot like your favorite Cheetos snack.

Finding a crave-able, healthy snacking option sometimes feels a like searching for a unicorn, but flavor doesn’t have to be sacrificed in the name of wellbeing. In this case, we combined one of our favorite junk food items, Cheetos, with the guilt-free, clean eating crunchy snack of the moment, roasted chickpeas, so you can have your chickpeas and Cheetos, too.

Cheetos (formerly known as Chee-tos until 1998) are without a doubt our favorite faux-cheese snack from childhood. There was rarely a day when we weren’t tracking that weird, powdered Cheetos coating all over our favorite Trapper Keeper post-lunch. This is why we couldn’t resist the urge to make our own grown-up version of this popular snack that will satisfy your junk food craving without all the diet-busting guilt.

So here’s to the classic, crunchy, cheesy snack. The corn-puffed core of Cheetos has been replaced with protein-packed crunchy chickpeas, but that signature cheese coating is still as messy as ever.


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