Keep the Party of Your Life Going With These 15 Late-Night Wedding Snacks

The best food to serve to your wedding guests to keep them on the dance floor all night long
Ice Cream


Nothing is ever better than late-night gelato.

Your wedding day will hopefully be the best day of your life, so it’s likely that when midnight strikes and your guests begin to say goodbye, you’re reluctant to let the party end. If the dance floor is still buzzing and the drinks are still flowing, you’re going to need to give your partying guests a late-night snack to keep them going. It’s likely been many hours, and many more cocktails, since they ate a slice of your beautiful wedding cake.

Keep the Party of Your Life Going With These 15 Late-Night Wedding Snacks (Slideshow)

To make sure the snacks served keep your guests’ energy levels up, give them their second wind, and keep them celebrating into the early hours of the morning, you need to make sure the midnight treats are bite-size, don’t need to be eaten sitting down with a knife and fork, and are totally fuss-free. Think about what you crave when you get home after too many drinks: That’s what you need to serve, but you may want to make it a little more fancy than normal.

There are so many choices for late night wedding snacks that will all help to make sure your party doesn’t stop before you’re ready to call it a night. Either choose something full of sugar and caffeine so that your guests get a literal boost of energy (and are unable to fall asleep before sunrise), or give them something spiked with alcohol to make sure the party won’t stop anytime soon. Or you could simply aim to satisfy their drunken cravings and serve that salty, greasy food we all crave after a few too many cocktails late into the night: Every guest will appreciate this thoughtful touch you added to your fantastic wedding.


Read on to discover our ideas for what to serve to your hungry guests to make sure your fabulous wedding party doesn’t end too soon.