5 Delicious Deep-Fried Italian Foods You Need to Eat Now

And they are actually Italian, not Italian-American

These marble-sized deep-fried delights are delicious.

Everybody loves Italian food. Everybody loves deep-fried food. Put them together and you have a handful of dishes that are so delicious that it’s bonkers.

While you won’t find any of these foods on our list of the 10 Iconic Italian Foods Everyone Should Be Able to Make, we included recipes to go along with all of these entries. Are these dishes healthy or carb-free? Not exactly. But believe us, you’ll want to make them as soon as possible.

We made it a point to select foods that are more Italian than they are American. While you can make any of these dishes at home, they won’t quite taste the same as they would in Italy.


So say goodbye to your beach bod and hello to delicious, diet-busting delightfulness.